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  • How do I book my services through a plan?
    Simply head over to the "Book Services" page and book your choice of service. At the bottom of the booking form (the page that appears after confirming the date and time), you will see a section “Choose how you want to pay”. The first option will be your plan's name (along with the expiry date and services left in the plan) alongside the option “Pay for This Session”. Select your plan and hit “Book Now”. The system will confirm your booking without having to go through the checkout process.
  • Why am I not able to pay with my plan when booking a service?
    Please check if the below is true for your selected service… - the service you are booking is covered under your plan (please read the pointers under your plan on the “Inaugural | Annual Plans” page to determine this). For example “GOLD and DIAMOND” plans are not valid for “SUVs | Pickup Trucks”. - the date is before the expiry of an eligible plan. For example, if your plan is expiring on the 5th Oct, you won’t get the option to pay with the plan if you book your service for the 6th Oct or later. - you are not trying to book a Wax service with a Wash plan and vice-versa PS: On the booking calendar if you select a date beyond the plan’s expiration date, at the bottom of the screen the system will prompt the date until which your plan is active.
  • What is the earliest I can book a service and can I do it over the phone?
    The earliest you can book us is within the next 2 hours if we have a capacity left for the slot you are after. Our availability is updated in real-time and can be viewed by selecting any service and checking the booking calendar. Our system is automated to restrict bookings beyond our capacity thus we do not accept bookings manually at all. It has to go through the system so it can check the availability in real-time. We appreciate your cooperation in the matter and request you not to call or message to check availability or book services offline. Thanks.
  • Why am I seeing double time slots on the booking calendar and which one should I select?
    This is a temporary issue and occurs when there is a latency from the server in loading the booking calendar for some services, locations or time slots. You can simply select either of the time slots and it will block it for you. It does not matter which slot you select, it will remove both the slots from the calendar if our capacity is full for that date and time.
  • I am not able to buy a plan. It says "You’ve already purchased this plan."?
    The Inaugural Plans can only be bought once per user thus the system will restrict any additional purchase of the the Inaugural Plans. If you need a plan for your second or third car, we request you buy a regular plan available alongside the Inaugural Plans. Alternatively, you may use your quota of services within the Inaugural plan to book a service for your other cars.
  • Which products will be used on my car?
    At OM Detailing Services we only use professional-grade branded products known best for their purpose and recommended by industry experts. For the rinseless car wash, we use ONR (Optimum No Rinse) Wash and Wax; a US-based brand best known for its substantive polymer technology and added carnauba wax for UV protection. For the alloys, we use Bilt Hamber; a UK-based brand best known for its award-winning water-based biodegradable, non-toxic products. For the hydrophobic-wax coat, we use Turtle Wax; a brand very well-known for its wax and polishing products.
  • Can I cancel or reschedule the Service after booking? How does the refund work?
    Services can be cancelled or rescheduled up to 2 hours before the scheduled time. As much as possible, we request the service be rescheduled in place of cancelling. If for any reason you do have to cancel, the below applies… - If the service was booked through a plan, upon cancellation it gets added back to the quota of services within the plan and can be rebooked anytime before the plan expires. - If it was purchased individually, a refund request can be made by sharing the booking details in an email with “”. We have a no-quibble refund policy for unused services and aim to refund in full within 7 business days from the date of request.
  • How do I cancel a plan? What if I am in the middle of a plan duration and have used some services? How does the refund work in case of a Plan cancellation?
    To cancel a plan simply head over to the "My Subscriptions" page in your member area (by clicking the drop-down arrow next to your profile icon on the top right after logging in). Click on the plan and it should provide an option to cancel. Below is the excerpt from our Terms & Conditions page which shall suffice as an answer to the remaining question... Plans Cancellation & Refund 19. A plan can be cancelled at any time. The monthly recurring subscription once cancelled, stays active until the last date of the current billing cycle and cancels on the last date so the customer is not charged for the next billing cycle. During this period, if there is an unused service left for the current billing cycle, it can be booked and availed. Note that the subscription status for the plan shows as “Pending Cancellation” until the last date of the current billing cycle and changes to “Cancelled” after that. 20. The fixed fee (bulk-buy) plans once cancelled get cancelled immediately and none of the unused services can be availed after the cancellation. All refunds in case services have been left unused (no reason required for the cancellation other than for feedback and improvement purposes) will be calculated basis the below calculation (and paid in the customer’s original method of payment within 5-7 business days)… a. All services availed will be considered at the going rate of a single service when the bulk plan is bought b. Any balance after deducting the amount derived by using the above point will be refunded (minus the “One-time plan fee” from the total amount paid for the plan) 21. The “One-time plan fee” is non-refundable for any plan. For any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us through email, WhatsApp or chat. Thank you.
  • Where can I see my upcoming services? How do I access my Bookings?
    You can view all your booked services under the “My Bookings” page which can be accessed by clicking on the downward arrow (visible only after logging into your profile) next to your profile picture on the top right corner of the website (next to the cart icon). If you are accessing it on your phone, you’ll need to click on the 3 lines next to the cart icon to view the downward arrow next to your profile picture and select “My Bookings” from the dropdown menu.
  • How do I cancel or reschedule my Service?
    Go to the “My Bookings” page (visit the previous question for the steps to access the “My Bookings” page) and select the service you’d like to reschedule or cancel. Once selected, you will see the option to reschedule and cancel both. You may select either and proceed as the system guides.
  • Will you leave a pool of water/solution at my parking spot?
    Om Detailing Services uses revolutionary eco-friendly Rinseless wash technology and as the name suggests, it does not require heavy rinsing. Instead, the solution is manually sprayed over the car and neatly cleared off with a drying towel in one or more applications (depending on the vehicle’s condition). This leads to next to no spillage, and any residual drops dry off from the floor soon after.
  • My car is parked in close proximity to other vehicles. Should I be worried?
    Our technicians are fully trained and exercise caution to avoid spillover. However, if the proximity is too close (within a meter), the sprayer may accidentally sprinkle solution on the nearby vehicle and or property. If you suspect a possibility of such an instance, it is requested that someone (customer or her/his representative) is present during the service to move the vehicle to maintain an appropriate distance from other vehicles and or property, for the purpose of the service.
  • I do not have a water supply for you to connect to. Will this be necessary or do you carry your own water?
    We perform a rinseless car wash with a highly advanced solution sprayed and cleaned entirely by hand. We bring all equipment along with the solution so nothing from your house/facility is needed to carry out our services.
  • My name is not visible on the "Members" page, what should I do?
    To have your name visible on the "Members" page, you should've completed below two steps... - signup with OM Detailing Services; non-members cannot access this page - change your profile's visibility to "Public"; if you wonder what will be visible to the public, read on the next question Steps to change your profile's visibility... - go to the "My Account" tab and scroll to the bottom-most of the page (refer to the question "How do I access my Bookings" to view the steps to see your profile pages) - under the section "Account Settings" click on "Profile Visibility" - under "Profile Visibility" click on "Make Profile Public" - click on "Confirm" on the pop-up box PS: you may also edit your community page URL once your profile is set to public and share the URL with your friends and family for quick access
  • If I make my profile “public”, what information and to whom will it be visible?
    When the profile is set to "Public" only the "Display Name” and the profile picture are visible on the “Members” page. Access to the "Members" page is restricted to the members only and cannot be viewed without logging into the profile. PS: We review each profile before granting access to restrict abuse and unlawful use. Also, OM Detailing Services reserves the right to revoke access without the need to provide a reason or explanation for the same.
  • What happens if my vehicle is parked in a dark or tight spot?
    We request you ensure that your vehicle is parked in an open and well-lit space so the technician is able to access and not miss any spots due to poor visibility. We do our best to ensure these issues do not inhibit our ability to provide quality services however in an unlikely situation, the customer’s presence is imperative to move the vehicle to an appropriate space with enough light and accessibility. PS: In extreme conditions (when it is not feasible to go ahead with the service) the technician can refuse service in which case you'll need to get in touch with us to have it rescheduled from the backend for a future date.
  • How can I download and access OM Detailing Services' Apple/Android app?
    There are a few ways in which you can access us on the app… a) find the “Download & Join” link at the bottom of most of the emails sent by OM Detailing Services b) scan our QR code given on the marketing pamphlet (also available on our Facebook page- and it’ll launch the website with the link to the app c) If the above two options do not work, reach out to us on WhatsApp or chat and we will send you a link to download the app Here’s the process of downloading the app… >>> Click on “Check it Out” >>> Click on “Download the app” (Spaces by Wix) >>> Download the “Spaces” app >>> Click on “Send Join Request” >>> Sign up with the Wix app using your email address you used for signing up with OM Detailing Services >>> Wait some time for your joining request to be approved (it can take up to 2 business days) >>> Close the app before opening the next time so it refreshes the pending status of your request >>> Use the app to book our Services and other features PS: this is not our branded app and your experience may not be as you expected. We are working hard to get our branded app live and when it is launched, we will send you an invite and update the app links at the bottom of our emails. In the meantime, please use the “Spaces” app and reach out to us if you face any difficulties. Thanks for your understanding in the matter.
  • My car has a layer of wax/ceramic/sealant. Will your wash remove or maintain it?
    The rinseless solution used at Om Detailing Services contains a highly advanced carnauba wax which adds weeks of protection to your paint aside from giving a lasting shine. For the fresh layer of wax protection, the rinseless solution strips off some of the existing wax/sealant on the car’s surface. Please inform us in advance (through the booking form) if you have any such coat which needs to be maintained and we'll be sure to use an alternate solution and protect the existing layer of wax/sealant.
  • Can I request Services at different parking locations through a Plan?
    Yes. While booking, the system will give you all the fields pre-filled from the last time you filled out the form. You may choose to change the input on the fields thereby giving us a different parking spot however please ensure the vehicle is parked within the locations where Services are available. The locations we are servicing are mentioned at the top of the "Book Services" page.
  • Can I book a service for my Van or MPV?
    Currently, we are not servicing Vans and MPVs. We request you to register your interest through a note on chat/email/review and we’ll be glad to open up this service basis the volume of enquiries.
  • Where can I read customer reviews for the Services and plans?
    All our reviews are available on a single platform and can be accessed by clicking on the green button named “REVIEWS” situated at the left-side middle of the website on all pages. If you do not find many reviews or helpful information about a Service, we request you to be the first one to share your views and help other customers with your experience and expertise.
  • Why can’t I see my “Profile” page after changing its URL?
    Please log out and log back in for the change of URL to take effect. After logging in, you’ll be able to access your “Profile” page as normal and will also see the URL changed in the browser’s address bar.
  • Can I buy annual plans as a guest?
    Yes, you may. The system will only ask for the email address to communicate your purchase confirmation, payment receipt and plan details. You’ll need to log in using the same email address to book your services through this plan and when logging in for the first time, you will need to click on “forgot password” to create your password (the system will send an email with a link). After logging in, you may book services with your plan (if face an issue please refer to the question on how to book services with a plan or feel free to reach out to us).
  • Why do I not see “Apple Pay” when I am buying from an Apple device?
    We haven't yet enabled “Apple Pay” and request you to use other options. We can enable it however due to the associated costs would need a significant count of customers to use it. Thus do not forget to register your interest by dropping us a short note on WhatsApp or website chat. Thank you for your understanding.
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