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Hydrophobic Wax- City, Small, CompactCar

Our hydrophobic wax will protect your car from the elements of nature and other vehicular exhaust.

  • 7.99 British pounds
  • Copper Quarters

Service Description

We specialise in applying hydrophobic wax to protect your car's exteriors from elements of nature and other vehicular exhausts. Our graphene-infused formula delivers long-lasting depth of colour, gloss, slickness, & UV protection. Plus, it contains super-hydrophobic polymers to equip your vehicle with months of chemical resistance, water repellency, & stain prevention. We use the most durable, professional-grade liquid car wax. The graphene infusion creates a web of protection with UV absorbers which shield painted surfaces to prevent damage and discolouration. The chemical-resistant super-hydrophobic polymers provide maximum gloss, water beading, & stain prevention. Elevate your detailing routine and take surface restoration to the next level with our ultra-premium wax coat service. NOTE: Please only book this service when your automobile is clean and free from dust or other dirt particles. Alternatively, please book the Car Wash and Hydrophobic Wax together so we can add the protective layer right after washing the automobile.

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